"The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother"- Anonymous

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our Adoptive Parent Promise

This is our promise to our child's birth family:

We promise to always give our unconditional love and support to our children. We will shower them with kisses and hugs on a daily basis, and they will never question if they are loved. We promise to share their birth story with them and to talk about how very much their birth parents loved them. It's because of the deepest form of love that their birth parents choose to place them into our family. We vow to raise them to be individuals and embrace their uniqueness. 

We promise to raise them to be good, moral people, who do what's right and look out for others. They will learn compassion by seeing it first-hand, and will show their compassion by helping and giving to others.

Lastly, they will know that they have birth families full of people who love them and think about them daily. A day will not pass that our children will not know how very much they are loved by us, and by all of their extended family. 

We promise to welcome you into our family and to make sure that YOU know how very special and important you are to us!

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