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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Who We Are

We are Steve and Cathy and we are ready to expand our family though adoption for the second time. We have a very open and loving adoption with our son Gus's birth family and we pray that we'll be fortunate enough to find the same a second time.

We had been trying to conceive for about four years before we headed down the path towards adoption. We knew that our hearts were open for whatever came our way, and God definitely knew what She was doing when She led us to Gus. All the prayers, heartache and pain were behind us as we met our bundle of joy. The greatest gift is being able to share him with his birth family.

We consider Gus's birth family to be an extension of our family and make them a priority in our lives. When we travel north for vacation, seeing his side of our family is as important as seeing Cathy's side to our family or Steve's side to our family. 

We have a family share site that we use to share pictures with all sides of our family. Cathy sends videos and pictures via YouTube, email, and text messages to Gus's birth family (including his birth mom, grandparents, aunts, great-grandma, and cousins). Gus also has his own Facebook page so that his birth family can stay in touch that way.

Gus was adopted in Michigan while we were living in North Carolina. We're open to adopting out of state again, and know that God won't give us something that we can't handle. Now that we're getting settled here in Georgia, we're getting more serious about adoption again.

We anticipate having to use an agency for our adoption, but who knows if we'll need one or not. When we adopted Gus, we started with an agency and ended up adopting him through a family connection. We ended up using an adoption attorney and wouldn't mind that route again if we had the opportunity!

Our son is an incredible little boy and brings so much love and joy to our lives. Our family wouldn't be what it is without him. Cathy stays at home with Gus and plans to stay at home with our second child as well.We have taught Gus baby sign and he has been able to communicate with us through sign language. It's helped ease the frustration that comes when language is first developing. Gus is currently learning his manners and is able to say "Please" and "Thank you" while signing at the same time. :-)

Cathy plans on returning to the classroom eventually, but not until all of our children are school-aged. She might wait a bit after that just so that she can be involved with their classrooms and attend field trips and other fun stuff. For Cathy, teaching is a passion and something that she wants to get back to, but not until it's the right time for our family.

Gus has two dogs and five cats (our house is like a zoo at times)!! He loves his dog Elphie (she's a Jack Russell) and loves his kitties. We have more than enough room in our home for all our pets and room for more children! We have a nursery just waiting for a baby to come into our home and call it their room!!

We're open to adopting a boy or a girl and feel that the child that we're meant to parent will find their way to our arms. 

If you are interested in talking to us or know someone who might be, please have them email us at steveandcat@steveandcat.net! Thank you!!!

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  1. I just wanted to say that these profiles look very impressive. I love that they show you both to be energetic and knowledgable as well as well traveled and educated. I know that Gus is growing up to be the same and so would any new addition to your family. You have my love and prayers for good things to happen for your whole family.