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Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Typical Day

Steve works Monday through Friday and while he's at work, Cathy stays home with Gus. Each day brings something new and different, and you can never predict what will happen in a given day. 

That being said, Cathy does a great job of keeping a pretty organized day for Gus. Sometimes they'll do something spontaneous, but usually it's planned out. Here's an example of what a typical day looks like for them.
Cathy made a daily schedule chart for Gus to see what's happening next

Gus wakes up around 6:30-7:30 (depending on what time he fell asleep the night before). Cathy wakes up and usually will try to get in the shower before Gus is too vocal.

Cathy heads up and gets Gus. Sometimes she gets him dressed for the day (depending on their day) and sometimes he stays in his pajamas.

They come downstairs and have breakfast and usually will watch a cartoon while having breakfast. While Gus is watching his show, Cathy usually grabs her phone off the charger and checks her email, texts, and Facebook.
Sharing a bagel for breakfast

Every Monday they have a morning play group to attend (10:30-12:00). It rotates among seven different moms and the kids are all the same age as Gus.

If there isn't a playdate, they usually spend the morning playing, cuddling, and listening to music. Sometimes, Cathy will go grocery shopping if we didn't go during the weekend.
Snuggle time

Grocery shopping at Kroger


Riding his tricycle while listening to music

Gus loves apples for his snack!
Gus loves to wash his hands

He's such a big boy!

If they don't have playgroup, they spend the morning playing. Usually there's Pandora on the television and they listen to music while playing. They practice counting, singing the ABC song, Gus rides his rocking horse, plays in his Cozy Coupe, and they play with his doodle board. Gus also likes to play with his Mr. Potato Head.
Gus in his Cozy Coupe
Gus's doodle board
Mr. Potato Head
At least once a week, Cathy takes Gus to a place called "Catch Air." It's a HUGE indoor play place with tons of toys, inflatables, a huge train table, and a big ball pit. Gus loves it!!

Gus at the train table
Gus in the ball pit

After a morning of playing, they have lunch. Cathy tries to make sure that Gus has a balanced diet of fruits and veggies, as well as proteins. She likes to give Gus a variety to choose from and he enjoys having so much to pick from!
Various foods in an ice cube tray
After Gus's nap, they sometimes have popcorn and watch a movie (like Cars, The Polar Express, or Finding Nemo). They often go downstairs and play until Steve gets home. Gus loves playing at his train table, and with his puzzles. 

Playing with his Sing-A-Ma-Jigs
Puzzle fun

Fun at the train table
Indoor slide

If the weather is nice, they'll either go to the park, or play right here at home in our backyard!
Fun on the trampoline
Our swing set
The afternoon flies by and before no time at all, Steve comes home! Gus is always eager for him to get home! Then it's time for Cathy to make dinner and either Gus and Steve play, or Gus joins Cathy in the kitchen while Steve watches television or reads the paper. 
Cutting his fruit
Dough time
Gus at the door looking for daddy to come home!
Helping mom in the kitchen
We have dinner and then it's bath time, brushing teeth, and a story then bed.
Yummy noodles!
Post-bath snuggles with Steve

After Gus goes to bed, we usually hang out in the livingroom and catch up on each other's day or we head to the bedroom and talk. Steve gets ready for bed and then Cathy heads back out to the office and checks email, Facebook, and blogs. We're usually both in bed around 10:00.

Sounds like a pretty fun day doesn't it?!

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