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Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Typical Weekend in Our Home

We wake up anywhere around 7:30 or so, depending on how well Gus sleeps. He usually wakes around 7:30 though, so that's the usual time.

Steve and Gus go out to get the paper and then they read it together (Gus doesn't read, he just likes to copy daddy while daddy reads). We turn on a cartoon for Gus... usually it's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Octonauts, Chuggington, or Dinosaur Train. Gus enjoys his breakfast while watching cartoons and reading the paper.
Gus watching tv while enjoying breakfast

After watching cartoons for a bit, we usually turn on Pandora (music) and play for the remainder of the morning. Gus's favorite is Play Doh, so we'll bring out the "Dough Box" that contains all his Play Doh, tools, and his place mat. He could play with the dough for HOURS and not get sick of it.

Other options for playing include his wooden blocks, his beads and string (great for fine-motor practice), his farm set (Little People Farm with farm animals, tractors, and a farmer), his cutting food (Melissa and Doug make these wooden food sets that are held together with velcro and you use a wooden knife to "cut" the food). Gus absolutely LOVES to cut food!!! He also likes to count things... so we'll give him some bowls or cups and he likes to put them out and count them.
Counting bowls

Singing and playing with baby Elmo

Doodles on mama's phone

Stringing beads

Getting help from Toebe (our cat)


Playing with his wooden blocks

We usually have a snack sometime around 10 and it's a toss-up of cheese (Gus's favorite), GoGo Squeez (applesauce packet), GoGurt, a BeetBox Berry (pouch of beets and strawberries mixed-- he LOVES these), Goldfish, Cheese-Its, grapes, a Cutie (clementine), Ritz crackers, or graham sticks.

After his snack we might head to the basement for more playing (in our basement we have a TON of other toys-- and his train table is down there). He loves to play in the basement because there's a lot to choose from! 

Sometimes, we might watch a movie in the movie room... Gus plays in the playroom while we watch a movie (he often comes in and joins us). We have popcorn and enjoy the surround sound!

Enjoying mama's popcorn

Enjoying a Beetbox Berry in the movie room

We have lunch around 12:30 or so and then we put Gus down for a nap around 1:00. He's a GREAT sleeper and will usually sleep for three hours or so.
Feeding himself some lunch

While Gus naps, we usually catch up on our DVRd shows! We love television but don't have the energy to stay up past 9:00 to watch anything. Instead, we DVR our favorite shows and then watch after Gus goes to bed each night, and on the weekend.

Gus usually gets up around 4:00 or so and then we put on a cartoon for him to have while coming out of his nap "coma." He has a snack right away... usually just a piece of cheese or apple sauce (whatever he didn't have in the morning). He often will sit in his chair and snuggle a lovey while enjoying a snack or drink.
Gus and his doll Hairy

Sometimes we go shopping for various things... groceries or misc. items. Sometimes we play "dress up" and Gus puts on his favorite duck costume, and sometimes we do a craft, like painting with paint in a bag.
Shopping at The Home Depot

Grocery Shopping at Wal-Mart

Ducky Boy

Finger painting inside a plastic bag

Cathy starts dinner while Steve and Gus play in the livingroom. Most often, Gus will come into the kitchen and want to help, so Cathy puts him in our tot tower (it's a wooden, enclosed safety tower so that Gus can stand in there and be close to the counter and to Cathy, but can't get hurt because he's too close to the oven and stove).
Gus in the Tot Tower

Sometimes, we decide to go out to dinner. It's usually on Saturday and if we go, we usually go early (around 5) so that we beat the rush and Gus isn't too tired or hungry before our food comes. Cathy packs a "busy bag" for him and it's full of books, crayons, toys, and his Sing-A-Ma-Jigs.
Waiting for pizza to arrive for dinner

Ducky out for dinner

A delicious home-cooked meal

The day comes to an end and we take Gus up for his bath and bedtime. He loves the tub and could play in the water all night if we let him. He gets out and brushes his teeth and then has a story read to him and then he goes to bed.

After Gus is in bed, Steve usually takes care of the litter-box, Cathy unloads the dishwasher, and then we either watch a movie, watch television, or Cathy goes online and blogs and Steve reads the paper. 

It's not the most exciting world, but it's our world, and we love it. We occasionally will have dinner plans with friends, or will go to the park, but usually this is what our weekend looks like!!

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