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Friday, June 7, 2013

A Year

Our last picture as a family of three (12-17-12)

It was about this time a year ago, that I started to think about expanding our family. We always knew we wanted to have at least two children (I would like three, Steve is happy with two) but we weren't sure how the second child would come to us. We were so blessed with the ease of Gus's adoption, that we weren't sure how a second would go.

The problem was that we still had our house on the market in North Carolina. Our plans were on hold until we got an offer on the house. Otherwise, we simply could not afford to adopt again and have two mortgage payments.

God always has a plan and His timing is always exactly as it should be. We often cannot see it while in the moment, but in retrospect, it's always obvious (to me anyway) that things worked out exactly as they were meant to work out.

At the end of June in 2012, I received a message from a producer for a show on LOGO network called The Baby Wait. They were looking for families who were matched with an expectant mom and in the adoption process. The producer said that Steve and I looked like the perfect couple to feature on one of their episodes and she wanted to know if we had a match. Unfortunately, we did not have a match at the time, and the opportunity was not possible at that time. She said to let her know if we received a match anytime soon. (We weren't even looking... much less ready to match with someone).

I had started some online research for agencies. As much as I didn't want to use an agency for our second adoption, I didn't know how else it would happen. I found one that I liked and I had a call with one of their case workers. She was very nice and explained how their agency works (no hoops to jump through) and I said I'd be in touch once our house sold. I said we'd probably be ready to adopt in the fall.

Right around July 4th I received a PM (private message) on Baby Center from an expectant mom looking for more info on our experience with out of state adoption. She and I messaged back and forth a few times and then I shared our profile with her. Honestly, I wasn't going to share it, but I had a feeling inside that said to do it.

I'm so glad I did, because what came from that contact was an incredible relationship with our son's birth mom.
1 Samuel 1:27  "I  asked the LORD to give me this boy, and he has granted my request."


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